Fabian Kühnhausen receives "Outstanding Doctoral Student Paper Award"
[IP]² Seminar: Dr. Jörn Erselius (Managing Director Max Planck Innovation GmbH) on "Technology Transfer between Basic Science and Industry: Max Planck Innovation"
Sylvie Nérisson publishes her PhD thesis
Dr. Andrea Wechsler is now Professor at Pforzheim University
Frank Mueller-Langer Receives 2013 Sloan Economics of Knowledge Contribution and Distribution Grant
[IP]² Seminar: Dr. Bertram Huber (Principal, IP*SEVA - Intellectual Property for Sustainable Energy Ventures; Former Senior Vice President and Head of Corporate IP of Robert Bosch GmbH) on "Intellectual Property and Climate Change Mitigation"
[IP]² Seminar: Jennifer Powers (IP Counsel for Red Bull GmbH) and Jorge Casals (IP Counsel for Red Bull Gmbh) on "The "Burden" of a Cult Brand"
[IP]² Seminar: Dr. Carlos Härtel (Managing Director of GE Global Research Europe) on "Research in Partnership: Open Innovation and the Role of IPRs"
[IP]² Seminar: Mr. Stuart Goose, Ph.D. (Director of Venture Technology at Siemens Technology-To-Business (TTB) Centers) on “Siemens Technology-To-Business: Our Flavour of Open Innovation and Aspects of Intellectual Property”
RERCI Best Paper Prize for 2011 goes to Frank Mueller-Langer – Economist presents analysis of Google Books
[IP]² Seminar: Mr. Christof Wolpert (Senior Patent Counsel at adidas Group) on "Play to Win - IP Strategies for a Fast Moving Consumer Goods Industry"
[IP]² Seminar: Julia Pike (Sandoz) on “Pharmaceutical Patent Litigation: Implications for Competition & Innovation”
[IP]² Seminar: Mr. Claus von Riegen on "Managing Multi-Source Software Development at SAP”
[IP]² Seminar: Mr. Wulf Hoeflich on "Technology Licensing at EADS - The Business around Patents"
[IP]² Seminar: Mr. Fritz Teufel on "Open Source and Software Patents: A Contradiction?"
Dr. Frank Müller-Langer Awarded "Innovation, Intellectual Property and Competition Policy" Grant by the Tilburg Law and Economics Center (with Professor Richard Watt, 15.000 Euro)
[IP]² Seminar: Dr. Lars Hendrik Riemer on “Licensing of Online Rights by Collecting Societies in a Changing Legal Environment”
[IP]² Seminar: Dr. Jochen Volkmer on "Creating, Managing and Policing BMW Group Trademarks"
[IP]² Seminar: Mr. Florian Müller on "Intellectual Property Litigation and Licensing in the Mobile Devices Industry"
[IP]² Seminar: Prof. Dr. Alexander Wurzer on “Standardization Procedures and the Practice of Patent Valuation - A Look behind the Curtains"
IMPRS-CI Competition Law Research in the "Handelsblatt"
IPT - Intellectual Property in Transition - Proposals for Amendment of TRIPS
[IP]² - Intellectual Property in Practice - New Student Initiative Founded
Roundtable with Prof. Anil K. Gupta on"Policy Reform in IPR Regimes from Grassroots Perspectives"
Prof. Dr. Thomas Ackermann, LL.M. joins IMPRS-CI Faculty
Prof. Reto M. Hilty Awarded Honorary Professorship by Xiamen University and Named Consultant Professor at the Huazhong University of Science and Technology
Professor Richard Watt Joins IMPRS-CI Guest Faculty
IMPRS-CI Students participate in Law & Economics Seminar held by Prof. Rubinfeld
Second Intake of the IMPRS-CI selected from a large Pool of Applicants
IMPRS-CI's First 100 Days Successfully Completed
IMPRS-CI Officially Inaugurated
Prof. Dr. Thomas Hess joins IMPRS-CI Faculty
Sino-German IP Conference to be held in Munich
ATRIP goes Munich!
Application Deadlines Nears for First Intake of the IMPRS-CI PhD Programme
Prof. Dietmar Harhoff Listed as one of the 50 IP's most Important Figures
Prof. Reto M. Hilty Awarded Honorary Professorship by Zhongnan University of Economics and Law